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Whether it’s a quicker commute with an e-bike lease or the freedom of the open road, we’re all about sharing the joy of cycling.

Leasing simplified, so you can enjoy the ride

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Choose your own adventure

From bike choice to lease terms, create the experience you want and live it out.

  • Choose your dream bike from a variety of options.

  • Customize the lease plan to fit your needs.

  • Retain the option to keep on riding the bike when the lease ends.

Convenience around the corner

We partner with local bike shops to make pick-up, maintenance, and repairs a neighborhood affair.

  • Gain knowledge and support from local bike shops.

  • Keep your bike running smooth with maintenance and repair services included in the lease.

  • Receive excellent customer service during the lease.

Less worries & lower bills

Leasing makes it easy to try out something new—like an e-bike or mountain bike—without a massive upfront cost and long-term commitment.

  • Stay on budget with affordable monthly payments.

  • Ride worry-free with included insurance.

  • Grab the opportunity to keep on riding your bike at lease-end.


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