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    From city cruisers to mountain movers, choose any brand and type of bike and use it for whatever you wish.

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    Don't fret about repairs or insurance. We've got you covered, so you can focus on the ride.

  • Love it? Keep riding it!

    When your lease ends, your biking adventure doesn't have to. Find out about the end-of-lease options to keep the good times rolling.

Making healthier lifestyles possible - Lease a Bike
Leasing a bike in the city - Lease a Bike

Previously, I just wanted to get from A to B as quickly as possible by car. With my new lease bike I have become so much more active and have started to appreciate my surroundings. I love the freedom it brings!


Happy bike leasing - Lease a Bike

I was looking for a new hobby to stay active. Thanks to Lease a Bike, I found cycling. It's more than just exercise - it's a whole new way to explore and enjoy life.


About Lease a Bike

Lease a Bike has brought so much joy to our family. Weekend rides have become our favorite bonding activity. The kids love it, and we're all getting fitter together.


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  • Increase productivity with healthier, happier employees
  • Contribute to green mobility & minimize your carbon footprint
  • Enjoy a carefree, automated benefit that’s fully outsourced
Gazelle lease bike

E-bike leasing:

Pedal power with a boost for long commutes and hills.

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From city streets to mountain trails, find the perfect bike to match your lifestyle.

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