Whoohoo! Your company embraced the wheel deal. Now let’s get you riding.

Ready to feel the wind in your hair? Just grab the registration link from your company and follow the easy steps below. Pedal power awaits!


Sign up on the Lease a Bike platform using the link provided by your employer. Once you're approved, you're three simple steps from living the bikelife. No link? Check with your HR team.

Choose your bike

Head to a local bike shop we’ve partnered with and pick a bike you love. The friendly staff will help you set up everything, including your choice of service and insurance. Easy, right?

Agree to the terms

Your bike lease has a few simple rules. These include details like your monthly cost and what happens if you change jobs. At your local bike shop, you’ll sign a digital user agreement that spells everything out. Now get ready to step in the saddle!

Ride away

If your dream bike is in stock you can ride it home that day. Insurance kicks in automatically and your payments will be automatically processed each month. Hit the road and enjoy the ride!


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